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National Funding Reviews

About National Funding?

What Do They Offer? 

National Funding has supported small businesses since 1999, lending over $2 billion to help American businesses grow. National Funding has grown to become one of the nation's biggest small business lenders by providing funds in as few as 24 hours, offering businesses early payoff discounts, and a personalized loan experience businesses can’t find anywhere else. When borrowing from National Funding, businesses are creating a lasting partnership with experts in the industry.  

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They offer a wide variety of lending options — from working capital loans and equipment financing, to merchant cash advance and credit card processing. It doesn't matter what your needs, or your budget, National Funding can assist your business in long term prosperity.


Do you need money fast? They approve up to 60% of all small business loans. It’s just that easy with National Funding. National Funding moves quickly. They answer all your questions promptly, process your application without delay, and get you the financing you need within seven business days — or as soon as 24 hours. Compare that to traditional lenders who could take at least 30 days from application to funding.


National Funding has been lending since 1999. They eliminate the middleman, investment bank, broker and private equity firm, so nothing stands between your business and the financing you need. Because you work directly with National Funding, your odds of approval or much higher






National Funding has helped small business owners in thousands of different industries across the U.S. for nearly 20 years. They’ve funded over $2 billion for over 35,000 business owners, from mom and pop shops, to medical practices and manufacturers.